Record Breaking Year for CHP
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First and foremost, Camaro Hi-Performance wants to thank all of its customers and pit crew for a career best racing season in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator class.

2010 was a record breaking season for CHP, and we started out with a bang. On April 30, 2010, we recorded the fastest run in history by a stock 302 Z28 Camaro in the D/Stock class setting a new national and world record certified by NHRA with complete engine tear down. Our 1967 Z28 ran an elapsed time of 10.45 at 126.21 mph.

To add to our new NHRA record, Jerry MacNeish racked up three D/Stock class wins for the season and three quarter final finishes at three division points races. Going rounds at these points races gave us a top 10 finish in NHRA’s division one (Land Of NED), placing 9th out of 233 drivers in division one’s Stock Eliminator class. Without a doubt this was our best season ever!

The icing on the cake for 2010 was a three page feature article on our new ’67 Z28 race car in the July issue of Super Chevy Magazine.

The Stock Eliminator class is the only class in all of motorsports where the race car has to be exactly like it was built from the factory. Only modifications in this class are 9” rear tires, exhaust headers and blueprinting the engine. After market transmissions are allowed to reduce breakage and keep 4-speed race cars competitive and reliable. Cylinder heads have to be stock and in an engine teardown, the runners and combustion chambers are CC’ed to make sure no modifications were made to the heads. Camshaft specs have to retain the factory lift. In the case of a 302 Z28, the lift cannot exceed .485” of lift. Any duration is allowed. Stock rocker arms have to be used, and in the case of our 302 engine, rpm’s run up as high as 8700 rpm! Carburetor and intake manifold has to be original. Pistons have to be original 11 to 1 compression. All things considered and the “glass ceiling” that you have to work with in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator class, performance stats can be incredible with a lot of hard work and dedication to your race car.

Stock Eliminator is a class that I wanted to run when I bought my new Chevelle SS396 but I did not have the means or expertise in 1970 to do so. In my opinion, NHRA’s Stock Eliminator class is the most rewarding class in all of motorsports.

We are humbled to have such a successful season! And I am living a dream driving a 1967 Z28, one of 602 produced to such a stellar season. I have known the original owner of this race car since 1970 and this 1967 Z28 was the first one that I got to see in person.

Here are the CHP stats for the 2010 season:

● 4-30-10, Atco Raceway, NJ, set new NHRA national record for the D/Stock class.

● 5-30-10, Maple Grove Raceway, Reading, PA, quarter final finish at division points race.

● 6-18-10, Thunder Valley Nationals, Bristol, TN, class win for the D/Stock Class.

● 6-25-10, Camaro Nationals, Carlisle, PA, race car on display at this event.

● 7-25-10, National Trails Raceway, Columbus, OH, quarter final finish at division three points race.

● 10-7-10, Keystone Nationals, Reading, PA, class win for the D/Stock Class.

● 10-16-10, Atco Raceway, NJ, quarter final finish at division points race.

● 10-29-10, Maple Grove Raceway, Reading PA, Dutch Classic, class win for the D/Stock class.

Special thanks to all that helped make this dream season come true. Here are just a few names and friends that made this season possible: Gary McGlasson, Bub Whitaker, Mike Williams, Ken Lucas, Don Myers, Paul Kiel, Norm Shuey, Mike Chaney, Bob Yingling, Bob Bailey, Wayne Totaro, Wayne Lee, Norm Meads, Freddy Behr, Sam Murray, Frank Daugherty, Carmen Trimboli, Bobby DeArmond, Jim Meador, Sam Scardino, Kerry Stanley, Jim Campasano, Evan Smith, John Leach, Ben & Dave Wenzel……and and my wife Joy, for all her support and the Tahoe Turquoise laundry tribute room!

Here are some highlight photos from the 2010 racing season.