The Pat O’Brennan Band


This power packed foursome plays a wide variety of music for every occasion.  Songs inlude:  The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Buddy Holly, Billy Joel, James Taylor, George Jones, Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell and many more.

On July 5, 2014, Jerry MacNeish, reunited with two musicians from his past along with Mr. Pat O’Brennan, a very well known and respected singer in the Baltimore-Washington D. C. area.  The goal was to perform at the annual Camaro Hi-Performance 4th of July party.  Well over 250 people attended and the band was so well received that the guys have decided to, as they say, “get the band back together.”

For Jerry MacNeish, Barry Dalton, Frank Dalzell and Pat O’Brennan, its been a magical journey. Jerry, Barry and Frank met in 1966 and along with John Healy, formed a small band called Jazz Unlimited.  The boys worked up a few songs and played at local party events.  They were 15 years old at the time.

Through the years, all members have been very active in the music business and never retired from their passion and love for music.  Barry and Pat actually met in the early 1970’s and starting working together as a duo.  They still play together today! Jerry and Frank have played in many bands since the 1960’s.  Frank studied under many legendary teachers in the Baltimore area:  Gus Harris,  Eddy Stringer and Hank Levy just to name a few.  Jerry worked at the famed Norman Petty Studios where many legendary artists such as Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison launched their career.  He still works with the “famous” 1960’s band, Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs.

Jerry and Frank reunited and rekindled their friendship about four years ago.  Not too long after that, Frank reached out to Barry and the next thing you know, the boys who met as teenagers were now playing together again.  After the chemistry started to gel, Barry invited Pat over for a jam session.  It was like magic.  Jerry suggested that the group work up about 30 songs and perform at the annual Camaro Hi-Performance July 4th party.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Left to right:  Frank Dalzell, Jerry MacNeish, Pat O’Brennan and Barry Dalton reunite & perform again in public.  The last time these boys played together was 1967.   The Camaro Hi-Performance party was a huge success thanks to the Pat O’Brennan Band!

Pat O'Brennan Band #2

Pat & Barry
Close up of Pat O’Brennan and Barry Dalton harmonizing on an Eagles’ song.

Pat O'Brennan
Above:  Singer, song writer and entertainer, Pat O’Brennan.

Frank Dalzell Website
Guitarist, Frank Dalzell with his 1963 Gibson Barney Kessel guitar and ’64 Twin Reverb amp.

Below:  Bassman, Barry Dalton with his 1971 Fender Precision bass:

Barry Dalton, website

Jerry MacNeish workin’ out on the 1967 Rogers drum kit.

Jerry MacNeish

Below:  Another power packed Camaro Hi-Performance 4th of July party with the Pat O’Brennan Band.  7-4-15.  We will take this act on the road.

The Band, HD, Cropped

Left to right:  Frank Dalzell, Jerry MacNeish, Pat O’Brennan and Barry Dalton.